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Image by CJ Dayrit


How did I come up with this idea?


Everyone at some point in their life will have to sit down and ask themselves these questions. The who we are and what we are here for type of questions. The ones that ask us about our purpose, about our future, about what and who we want to be. About what we want to do with the time given and the opportunities at hand.  

“In the end, it really was not a decision as much as it was a choice.” 

  It has always been a trademark of my personality to fall in love with words and the ideas behind them. Just like with “potential” it was to be the word “elite” that I adopted for myself when I had to find a definition for what my journey of self-improvement should be all about. The goal never was to become the best in one specific thing or aspect, it just meant that whenever I decided to pick up on an idea and start a new project, I wanted it to be as good as it could possibly be, trying to bring my own performance to as high as it could get, becoming the most elite version of myself with everything that I was doing.  

  It has been a mentality that has accompanied me ever since. That has helped me stay dedicated and disciplined towards becoming the most elite version of myself that I could be...

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